Alana Budhram


Age: 22 | Height: 5’5″
Hometown: Toronto

Alana is a 3rd year Ryerson University student studying Criminal Justice and minoring in Child and Youth Care with hopes of one day becoming a source of defense that fights for the rights and freedoms of children that are caught in the system and are treated unfairly, for example various children who are implicated in cases Such as Guantanamo Bay detainees, Aboriginal children, child soldiers, and accused children’s that are accused of offending are the initial causation such the influencing traumas and mental state they were unfairly faced with get overlooked.

While in high school, Alana was first exposed to Aboriginal issues. It is an issue which sits very close to her heart as many of the issues occur in our very own backyard.

Alana has continued to further her education at Ryerson by taking several classes pertaining to Aboriginal issues. Many aboriginal communities lose their children to poverty, homelessness, violence and even suicide. There needs to be more attention given to these children to assist them by providing financial needs and psychological needs by addressing and pin-pointing the root of their issues.

When she is not at her educational institution she is busy working at Victoria’s Secret or is working at the Mattamy Athletic Center  and staying in shape. Aside from working, Alana has an everlasting passion for dramatic arts, before enrolling at Ryerson she was a student at John Robert Powers taking acting classes and presenting her talent at auditions. It was for the fulfillment of a passion.

Alana participates in the Tri-Mentoring program at her school, mentoring first year students in helping them make a smooth and comfortable transition into their post-secondary studies. She has been involved with many fundraisers and campaigns such as Me to We, Free the Children, Central Ontario Leadership Seminar, Dare to Dream Conferences, African Diaspora Conference and organized several Aboriginal based fundraisers.

Alana believes that the world is as beautiful as we make it and intends on striving to make the world around her the most beautiful by spreading empathy, smiles and a positive attitude everywhere she goes. As young as she is, she has acknowledged that she still has much to learn and keeps her mind open to the possibilities of the world. Alana hopes to use whatever inspiration and opportunities Beauties of Canada provides her with to utilize her humanitarian attitude and education to ease the hardships of children across destinations.

Alana believes that it is so crucial for the rest of the world to remember they should treat others the way they want to be treated. Even if the same sort of kindness is not reciprocated, people will learn from positive actions. It takes strength to not allow others to affect our character. So continue to be kind and have a heart full of true happiness, not hate. She believes that everyone is faced with challenges but the toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers.

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