Mariam Assaf

Age: 26 | Height: 5’4″
Hometown: Brampton

Mariam is a graduate of Sheridan College with a Diploma in Advertising. She is a positive and cheerful girl who’s many interests include spending timewith her family especially her two little nephews her mom and dad who are her closest friends and she strives to be more like them.

She works at a gym and loves sports like running, basketball, and cheerleading which she coached at Sheridan College for 5 years, experiencing new foods, travelling, and high end fashion.

Mariam speaks English as her first language and Arabic as her second language and is Palestinian. She loves travelling to her home country of Jordan. Every year she goes back to Jordan the natural backdrop of the country, the down to earth lifestyle, and way of life, and culture helps improve her as a person.

She learns something new every time she goes there be it the language, speech, seeing the natural wonders of the world, culture and religion. The Dead Sea and Aqaba and family are among the favourite places Mariam loves to visit while in Jordan.

Mariam’s motto is be original and make your own path to follow the only way to live happy is to do good and believe in good and be yourself. Good things will come and bloom.

Sponsored by: Family and Friends.