Pamela Cornejo


Age: 25 | Height: 5’5″ | Hometown: Toronto

Pamela is a raised Torontonian, was born in Peru but moved to Canada at age 5 years old. She is a Canadian citizen, lived in Toronto for almost her whole life but moved to Grand Cayman at age 18 with her family, after a year she decided to return alone to Toronto since there is no place like home but still goes back very frequently to visit.

She is currently in her final year of completing her BA in the honors program studying Mathematics for Commerce specializing in Actuarial Science at York University.

She is on her way to completing her actuarial exams from the Canadian Society of Actuaries. Pamela has also done a continuing education program in accounting at George brown college.

One of her most important goal in life is to contribute her efforts to societies that need help the most around the world.

She plans on pursuing these goals and has already started planning by reading books on volunteering overseas, researching organizations and contacting perspective locations. The type of volunteer work she wants to pursue is mainly focused on helping third world communities with speaking difficulties, that being teaching kids English or helping kids with speech impediments.

Pamela absolutely loves animals and just recently adopted a dog to join her home. Her hobbies include “having a passion for fashion”, open water diving, tennis, keeping fit and healthy, keeping close relationships and friendships with her friends and family, taking care of her dog and cat, and going to the beach.

Her admiration to Miss Universe Canada is deep as she respects and admires the organizations purpose of thriving to help others by achieving awareness and volunteering. Being part of such makes her closer to achieving her dreams.

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