Willma Gendb

Height: 5’10″
Hometown: Windsor, ON

Born into a total of 2 out of 64 tribes in South Sudan, Willma Gendb learned the significance of unity in the community. She believes getting involved can help you learn leadership skills, understanding & respecting diversity, developing confidence and life skills that can help you in the future.

Originally, from South Sudan, Willma and her family moved to Canada in November 2004, and settled in Windsor Ontario. Now a proud Canadian Citizen, Willma says, “the best part about being a Canadian is that this country is strong, bold and beautiful.” Currently, she is a student at St. Clair College in the Business Administration-Human Resources. A beginner in the modeling industry, Willma has already been involved in the St. Clair College – Under construction fashion show, and was also in the final Chatty Collection Fashion Show that took place at the Windsor Star, November 2014.

Willma is an intelligent, courageous, and diligent woman who is not afraid to face any obstacle that comes her way. She believes that wisdom is an important factor which contributes in social harmony and peace. Willma hopes to incite people to be globally aware, and to know that the choices and actions one makes, no matter how minor and minimal they might appear to be, can impact the lives of others across the globe. She says it is very much like a butterfly effect.

As a role model, Willma hopes to inspire young people to understand their values in the community. She hopes to empower young people to develop the skills, and abilities to motivate oneself to seek righteousness for the good of all people. Willma says, “Working at Autism Ontario isa privilege, and an honor to work with children and adults with disabilities.” She proposes that people know about autism spectrum disorders. In addition, she explained that, “Learning all you can about autism and getting involved in treatment will go a long way when making equipped decisions for your child.”  Willma has no doubt that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of deeds you do in your life. If you do well, your good deeds will multiply; and your reward is greater in heaven.

In her spare time, she enjoys a wide varieties of hobbies which includes basketball, football and soccer. Willma encourages young people to exercise several times a week, because it helps maintain physical and mental health. Willma admits that it is very important to participate in 60 minutes of moderate physical activity daily to enhance time management and stress management skills, and improve overall productivity.  Willma is an independent young woman, a pilot, and an ambitious contestant at the Miss Universe Canada 2015 competition. She believes that the pageant can give her a bigger platform to lend her hand to help people.

Willma believes that beauty isn’t hidden in the words of any beauty diet, or any fitness magazine article. Real natural strong beauty comes from within your heart. It blossoms like a rose in spring and it encourages an alluring, captivating, exquisite spirit that cannot be contained.