Jelena Komlenac

Age: 21
Hometown: Windsor, ON

Jelena Komlenac was born and raised in Windsor Ontario. Currently at the age of 21 she is in her third year at the University of Windsor studying Biological Sciences. Her main focus is to finish her degree and go on to study dentistry. She not only has a deep interest in the sciences but in the arts as well. Throughout Jelena’s whole life she has been active in her community’s various theatre events performing on stage. Jelena believes that along with education, experience is key to gain knowledge about the world and yourself. From a young age Jelena has had a curious nature and it has led her to participate in many different hobbies from ballet, to the Martial arts, soccer, theatre and piano, just to name a few. She has been lucky to have supportive parents who gave her the opportunity to have so many educating experiences. Being a part of all these experiences has allowed Jelena to grow into the open minded, confident, and compassionate individual she is today. Volunteer work has always been a part of her agenda whether it be for annual fundraisers such as Moxies Golf Tournament for Ronald Mcdonald House, fashion shows or helping friends with school, Jelena has felt the need to continually be there for others and her community. Not only is giving her time to others essential, Jelena has a hard work ethic and believes it is an important facet of her identity. She has worked numerous jobs tutoring, teaching piano, in retail and the restaurant industry while still in school. These jobs have allowed her to build new relationships with people and acquire skills that will help her achieve long term goals. Jelena was born one year after her parents arrival to Canada, her name is a symbol of her cultural roots and she embodies the Canadian culture with her own in the best of ways. It is a constant reminder to work hard and be accepting of other cultures the way this country was accepting to her parents just over 20 years ago. Family is important to Jelena but her little sister is what gives her the drive and determination to be an amazing role model. Having a sister made Jelena realize that there are so many young girls in the world who may not have someone to look up to or care after them. This is why Jelena is competing for Miss Universe Canada, she hopes it will give her a bigger platform to be the inspiring role model she already is.