Chanel Beckenlehner, Miss Universe Canada 2014

Chanel Beckenlehner

Chanel Beckenlehner was born and raised in picturesque Caledon, Ontario. She attended the University of Toronto as a Political Science Specialist. Down to earth, positive and approachable, Chanel has dedicated much of her life to giving back to the community by working with several charitable organizations that help orphaned young children by providing food, health care and shelter to families in need.

Chanel has a wide variety of hobbies through which she maintains a strong balance between sports and the arts. In her spare time she enjoys trying different culinary experiences, fashion, health and fitness, golfing and traveling the globe experiencing new cultures and languages. She is a strong, confident woman who is not afraid of a challenge. Having elite athlete training in the equestrian sport of Dressage, she understands the winning mindset needed to compete internationally. She surrounds herself with an environment of excellence preparing for competition; her team, coaches and sponsors. She has the confidence, attitude and belief that anything is possible.

A natural in front of the camera or on stage, one of her ambitions in life is to pursue an entertainment career, particularly as a television presenter. Obtaining the title of Miss Universe would allow Chanel to bring attention to important issues around the world, especially those that involve women and children.

Having spent an entire year studying HIV/AIDS specifically, she feels well prepared, educated and motivated to be a spokesperson for awareness and prevention. Her research efforts have concentrated on women’s health and reproductive issues, the social determinants of health, and the role of power / empowerment, stigma and harm reduction. Her goal is to be an empowering role model of beauty, health and leadership. Here lies the chance to be a positive role model for young women empowering them to strive for their personal and career goals.

The Miss Universe Canada ambassador embodies a truly global citizen. She is a proactive leader that encourages service above self, action and change.

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